Hello Warriors!

What are your FAVORITE personal finance websites? I wanted to share my FIVE favorite websites. Let me know what you think and if you have others to share.

1. Mint.com
This planning tool is a one-stop shop to keep your accounts, credit cards, loans in one safe place. This is an anchor for your financial planning!

2. Dailyworth.com
Different authors write daily emails about various topics of personal finance from money, savings, investing, loan repayment and discussing money. It is a great daily reminder!

3. Ellevatenetwork.com
While you may need to pay for membership, you will benefit from the VAST RESOURCES from article, videos, jam sessions on topics relevant for professional women. I love it and listen to 3-4 videos each month!

If you have a Women’s Professional Network at your company, ask if they have a corporate membership or if your company will pay for it.

4. SheNegotiates.com
Daily emails provide advice on negotiating – one of my favorite topics. They highlight tactics and success stories to remind you about ASKING FOR IT.

5. Barrons.com – *Industry favorite* – Subscription
Weekly journal that highlights investment ideas, trends, top portfolio managers and funds. This resource answers a popular question form my audience: Where do I look for ideas and an outlook on investments?

What are YOUR FAVORITE sites?
*A bonus favorite: MarieForleo.com. She provides inspirational talks about entrepreneurship and overcoming challenges on Marie TV. *



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