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Overcome Your Fear of Finances

Do you hide behind an identity? Most of us hide behind an identity... Whether it is Mother...Supporter…Worker…Achiever. I have to admit, I have been hiding behind an Achiever Identity. Excelling in every area of my life…well, the pursuit of it…and honestly, it has...

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Top 5 Money Books for Couples

In the spirit of relationships, and a request from a newly engaged woman, I created a list of the Top 5 Money Books for Couples. It is crucial to continuously educate yourself with resources specifically geared toward personal finance for women in relationships. Tips...

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Do You Have a Finance Date Night?

It is Valentine's Week and February is a month to celebrate love! Perhaps you have a date to acknowledge the holiday and celebrate your relationship. Do you and your spouse have a Finance Date Night to celebrate money? Money is the leading cause of fights with couples...

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5 Investment Ideas for Women

End-of-year financial planning is one of my FAVORITE times of the year! Is it yours too?! I conduct research and think about the different ways I can make changes and improve my portfolio for 2018. I want to share these ideas with you! Are you looking for ideas...

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Investing Workshops in Asia: Takeaways from India

I spent the week in India and held live workshops in India - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. In 2011, I lived in Bangalore for four months as an MBA exchange student at IIM Bangalore, one of the premiere business schools in India. It was great to be back to talk about the...

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Takeaways from Women & Investing Workshops in Hong Kong

I spent the week in Hong Kong and held three Women & Investing Workshops. In 2012, I worked in Hong Kong for a year as a research analyst and loved it! It continues to be fascinating to watch the dynamism, the rapidly evolving finance landscape and China's closer...

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How to Negotiate For More Money (Even When There’s a No)

Laura Adams, one of the featured experts in the Claim Your Financial Power Summit, interviewed me for her Money Girl podcast series. We discussed negotiating tactics and anecdotes to get past not. Show business metrics Know your value Negotiate other benefits Develop...

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