Hello Warriors!

It is a beautiful beach day here on the East Coast as I write…

Coldplay is also playing at Gillette Stadium…

This week I did a short video on the question of Renting vs. Buying. It qualified for my Freaky Finance Friday topic as I was SHOCKED when I asked this question to a group of professional women. They thought buying a place was too far out of reach! This group of gainfully employed women had jobs in finance, tech and management and they thought buying was out of reach.

Time to shift your mindset for money!

I am here to be an advocate for you to THINK about owning a place, to CREATE THE GOAL of owning a place and to PLAN to own a place. I understand you may have loans, expenses, even a relationship and you’re not sure about the next step.

Time to shift your mindset and focus on growing your wealth!

When I was in my 20’s in San Francisco, women frowned upon buying a place as it might hurt them in their dating life. Sigh!!

I want you to think about OWNING a place – a condo, a 1-bedroom, a property. There are options for first time buyers to put down just 5% for a down payment. If you need to put down 20%, I talk about strategic ways to aggregate a down payment in my 8-week Warrior Workshop.

My Condo Story

I have to be honest, when I bought my place, it was not how I expected. I was flying back to Boston on a business trip in the middle of a BLIZZARD — as in the whole eastern corridor was shut down — and only OUR FLIGHT was given clearance to take off and land. (Was Lady Gaga on our flight?!) That is how BAD the storm was.

A bit traumatized, I took the next day off from work to appreciate I was alive, and then declared I was moving to San Francisco. (Previously I had lived in SF for 5+ years.) I made this declaration on Friday night and by Sunday at 5pm, I was a condo owner. (Remember the blizzard – winter is a great time to buy a property!) The universe had its own way of telling me I was not ready to move back to San Francisco.

This weekend, if you are sitting on the beach, I want you to IMAGINE buying a place. Owning a place that APPRECIATES in value over time. Managing a place that generates PASSIVE INCOME.

I want to plant the seed for ownership. It is a key pillar in creating wealth.

In a few weeks, I am hosting a 5 Day Finance Challenge to inspire you to take action!

Enjoy the beach this weekend and thanks for being a Personal Finance Warrior!

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