4 Tips To Hold The Perfect Finance Date Night


The data is clear – MONEY is the #1 reason why couples fight…and divorce.


But what about if talking about MONEY became your SUPERPOWER?!


What if you learned this skill and protected your relationship from the #1 Risk?


I want you to practice talking about MONEY and engaging with your money in my interactive online course. I want you to develop the skills, habits and best practices so you can create freedom in your relationship!


One of the BEST ways you can do this is by holding a monthly Finance Date Night with your spouse (we cover the exact process for this in Week 7 of my Online Course).


What exactly is a Finance Date Night you may be wondering?


A Finance Date Night is a date you hold monthly to discuss your finances.


So often, the money topic gets brushed to the side. You chat about money in passing – when you’ve gone over budget for groceries, or when you've gotten a bill in the mail, but you don’t give this topic the proper time and space it deserves. Considering the data on Money being the #1 reason for divorce, don’t you think it’s time you made this conversation a priority?


Even if you’re single, you can still hold a Finance Date night. You should be checking in with your finances monthly – why not take yourself out to dinner while you do it or order your favorite takeout? You deserve it!


Here are some tips for making the most of your very own Finance Date Night.


Block it off in your calendars.

It’s important that both of you consider this a priority. In order to do this, plan the day in advance and mark it in both your calendars – you’ll be less likely to cancel it if something else comes up. I also suggest having it the same time every month for consistency, such as the last Friday of every month for example.


Make It Fun.

You want your Finance Date Night to be FUN! What can you do to make this something you look forward to? Can you order a pizza and go over your spreadsheets with a nice glass of red wine? Can you go out to your favorite neighborhood restaurant? Think about what will put both of you in good spirits and make a fun ritual out of the night.


Circle back if someone gets triggered.

Every once and a while, talking about money may bring up some intense emotions. The idea here is that we don’t cast blame or judgment about financial matters (avoid statements such as “YOU spend too much!”) or anything that has an underlying accusatory tone. We want to create a safe space where each of us is able to talk with honesty and openness. If someone does get emotional, it’s alright to hit pause and circle back another day.


Talk about your financial dreams.

A Finance Date night shouldn’t simply be sorting out bills, spreadsheets and paying off debt. It should also be a place for you to DREAM together about your future vision. Your finances are so much more than just numbers – they are what enables you to create your dream life! So talk about your goals together, and get excited about them! No goal is too big – do you have big dreams to invest in real estate? Do you want to have an early retirement and travel the world? Do you dream of sending your children to a great school? Whatever it is, talk about it.


A Finance Date Night doesn’t have to be hard. The more you make this practice a part of your routine, the more it will become a habit. It will often take a few iterations of these Finance Date Nights to find out what works best for you as a couple. Stick with it! I promise that if you follow these tips, both your financial life AND romantic life will reap the benefits.

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