Money Avoidance

Hey Finance Warriors!


Do you have fear around money?


Throughout my time creating the Money Mastermind Expert Interview Series, I’ve realized that this theme comes up time and time again.


I created the Money Mastermind Interviews based on my experience in coaching programs with other female entrepreneurs. I began speaking with other women and asking them if they’d developed a financial plan. Their response was often:


“Kelly, I don’t even have my finances sorted for my business. How can I begin to think of a long-term financial plan?!”


I realized this was a major problem. Since financial planning is my specialty, I decided I could help by interviewing other thriving female entrepreneurs about their money habits. Then the Money Mastermind series was born!


What came up throughout these expert interviews was the different aspects of fear that money often brings up in women.


The biggest tendency for those who have fear around money is the desire to want to bury their head in the sand when it comes to dealing with finances.


This often manifests as ignoring your financials. Not only will these women avoid their financials in their business, but they’ll also ignore looking at statements or bank accounts and avoid money in their personal life as well.


Is this you?


It’s important to remember you’re not alone. Fear surrounding money is not uncommon. I interviewed successful, thriving female entrepreneurs, and yet many of them felt they had work to do improving their financial habits. Many of them wished they had learned about finances earlier in their entrepreneurial journey. So let’s drop the shame, and face this financial fear head-on.


The most important step to overcoming your avoidance is to realize WHY you’re avoiding in the first place.


Why do you want to bury your head in the sand? What is it that makes ignoring your finances easier than facing them head on? What is stopping you from taking action around your finances?


Let’s take a deeper look at the top five reasons you may be avoiding your finances.


5 Reasons You’re Avoiding Your Finances


1. You feel overwhelmed and unorganized 

Do you have accounts in a million different places? Do your finances feel unclear and you have troubles getting a clear idea on the “big picture” of where you stand financially?

Often, when we haven’t taken the time to properly organize our finances, we begin to feel overwhelmed and the tendency to avoid them creeps in. This breeds more ignorance, as we begin to check our finances less and less the more overwhelmed we feel. The less we check, the more we ignore and the more we feel out of touch – it’s a vicious cycle indeed!

Pro tip: Try checking out helps you manage all your finances from one place. By being able to check your bills, balances, credit score and budget all from your phone, the app makes staying on top of your finances a whole lot easier.


2. Your money mindset needs work

Are you operating from a place of scarcity or from a place of abundance? If you see your numbers and you feel yourself spinning down a path of worry and fear, you may need to work on cultivating an abundance mindset. We all need to work on our finances, but try approaching them from a place of safety and confidence rather than scarcity and lack.

Pro tip: Struggling with your finances? Replace “I don’t have enough” with, “I’m doing the best I can to grow my business and taking steps in the right direction towards financial freedom.”


3. You feel bored by money talk

Investing, compound interest, diversification, budgeting…am I losing you? Look I get it, taking care of the tiny details, day in day out, surrounding your finance can feel tedious to some.

But if you focus on the big picture and tie your financial goals to personal ones? Well then, you start to realize just how important that “boring” consistency really is.

Pro tip: Instead of only thinking only numbers and strategies, talk about your why. Why do you want to have that much saved up for your retirement? How do you envision your lifestyle and how does money tie into that? What will you spend your days doing?


4. You feel you don’t have the expertise to deal with money

One of our biggest fears of all is the fear of the unknown. If looking at your finances bring up feelings of “I have no idea what I’m doing,” it’s natural you’re going to tend to avoid this component of your life. Realize that you don’t need any special qualification to start getting educated on your finances and that there are so many incredible resources out there.

Pro tip: If you feel in over your head with your finances, consider bringing on a professional. On my team, I have both an accountant and a bookkeeper and their expertise has been a great tool for keeping me on track. You could also consider investing in a financial coach or mentor.


5. The money topic makes you uncomfortable

I realized just how many women feel this way as I searched for speakers for my Money Mastery series. I reached out to many successful female entrepreneurs, and some simply just did not want to speak about the topic of money.

We’ve been conditioned to think of money as something private, that we keep to ourselves. My mission is to create more transparency around money and to motivate women to discuss their finances, so we can educate ourselves and make better decisions in our financial life.


Realize feeling uncomfortable is completely normal. But rather than turning away from this discomfort, try to lean into it.


Try and shift your thinking from “I’m avoiding this fear” to “I’m feeling this fear and it’s uncomfortable, but I’m going to lean in and work through this.”


Personal finance is a broad topic and there is a lot to learn. My Money Mastery Series, in which I interview 24 expert speakers, includes tons of valuable, actionable advice.


But rather than get overwhelmed, I hope you try and take away one or two helpful tips. Focus on the ones that most apply to you and take small steps to practice these habits consistently.


Understand that by being here, by choosing to educate yourself on money, you’ve already taken the first step in mastering your finances.



Let’s all choose to let fear accompany us on our financial journey, rather than turn away from it. The fear is real, we all feel it. Rather than ignore it and bury our heads in the sand, let’s lean into it and face our finances together.

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