I'm EXCITED to share the project I have been working on all summer. It's a free online event that arrives right in your emailbox. It provides you with valuable resources to claim your financial power.

Are you ready to Shift Your Mindset, Take Action And Increase Your Wealth?

Join the Claim Your Financial Power Summit!

It is a FREE 21-day event where you will receive a video everyday for 21 days from 21 female experts across finance and business. Again this is a FREE event!

Financial Power
I believe that every woman has the ability to invest, actively manage her personal finances and increase her wealth. Increasing your wealth means increasing your power. I am a stand for more women to claim their financial power.

I watched my mother who was raised as a homemaker give away her financial power to my father. They divorced and she was left to rebuild her life with her children from scratch and without any resources. She taught me the importance of financial independence. I want to share this with you!

Why is the valuable online event free? I created this Summit to share valuable speakers, ideas and resources with you so that you can overcome your fears of managing your finances, shift your mindset, and take action to increase your financial power!

List of Topics

This amazing list of national speakers will share their expertise on topics that put money in your pocket, shift your mindset into abundance, and present actionable ideas to implement today to build wealth. They are authors, media thought leaders, thriving business owners and most importantly female role models.

Each interview will leave a lasting impact!

• Overcome your fear of managing your finances
• Learn how to invest
• Get out of debt
• Create a personal brand
• Identify your passion
• Consider starting your own business
• Generate multiple sources of income

List of Female Experts

• Manisha Thakor – Author of On Your Own Two Feet and MoneyZen podcast
• Marci Shimoff – Author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason
• Alice Finn – Author of Smart Women Love Money
• Cary Carbonaro – Author of Money Queen's Guide
• Laura Adams – Expert behind Money Girl Podcast
• Catherine Kaputa – Personal Branding expert
• Kate Levinson – Author of Emotional Currency and Money Relationship expert
• Melissa Hereford – Negotiation expert

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Free Gifts – Get Ready to Take Action!

Each speaker offers a free unique gift to take action in her area of expertise and to further engage with her and her community. Many offer complimentary consultations. The opportunity is for you to take action!

Financial Power Facebook Community

There is an active community to post questions, comments, reactions to the different speakers each day. I will participate and post messages daily.

Are you ready to Claim Your Financial Power? Do you want to take ownership of your money, your earnings and ways to increase your wealth?

Join this Online Summit today! Event starts Monday October 2! Mark Your Calendar!


P.S.: Do you know other people who would benefit from this free event? Please post to Facebook or email to moms, sisters, colleagues and friends.

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