It is Valentine's Week and February is a month to celebrate love! Perhaps you have a date to acknowledge the holiday and celebrate your relationship. Do you and your spouse have a Finance Date Night to celebrate money?

Finance Date Nights

Money is the leading cause of fights with couples and the leading cause of divorce. Here is a valuable monthly structure that will help you communicate with your spouse about money.

Personal Finance for Women in Relationships

A Finance Date Night, perhaps not on Valentine's Day, is a valuable structure for couples to discuss money. A Finance Date Night involves a review of credit cards, retirement accounts, investment accounts, spending and financial goals. It is not just about budgeting and spending, and naturally those issues will come up. It fosters a broader conversation about financial planning. Have you both shared your values about money? Are you both aware of your spending habits? Do you keep secrets? Can you talk about money in an open way?

Warrior Rules Learned from Personal Finance Workshops

On my Top 10 Warrior Rules, Rule #5 is Talk about Money. A Finance Date Night incorporates several of my Top 10 Warrior Rules which is why the monthly event is such a valuable structure for communicating about money.

Rule #1: Money Management: Each Person Takes Personal Responsibility
Rule #3: Financial Goals: Identify Goals & Steps to Achieve Them
Rule #5: Empowerment: Talk about Money
Rule #9: Financial Decisions: Know Where All the Household Accounts Are

Get Prepared and Come Together to Discuss Finances

A helpful resource to support the Finance Date Night is The website aggregates your various accounts ranging from bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgage and investment accounts. In one place, you have a snapshot of your financial picture. Isn't that so helpful? People love it! Plus, both of you can add your accounts so the two of you can review your accounts altogether in one place. Mint also includes customized budgeting and tracking tools for your goals. For the security-minded, Mint is owned by the parent company of behemoth QuickBooks, so security is a priority for the company. Another helpful website is Personal Capital, which aggregates your accounts and provides investment-level details of your investment accounts for those who love details.

Here's to a Bright Financial Future in Your Relationship

Once the Finance Date Night structure is in place on a monthly basis, you can expand the money conversation to also include questions that may improve your relationship. What is one thing I can do this month to make you happier?

Carolina Zuleta, a life coach (, says: “It changed the way I talk about money with my husband.” She has been using this monthly structure for the last two years. Carolina and Andrew have navigated wedding planning and the birth of a new child as their financial planning needs have changed. (Carolina's video will air here on Thurs.)

Elyssa Rae, a graduate of my How to Manage Your Money & Invest Without Fear 8-week online course, shared in a Facebook video this week how she felt more confident and empowered discussing money with her boyfriend after taking the course. She admitted that the course helped her to feel equal with her boyfriend who works in finance and earns significantly more money. They watched the videos together and were able to have meaningful conversations about money that were not possible before she took the course. They now hold Finance Date Nights to talk about money on a consistent basis!


Let's have fun, face our fears and transform our finances together!

Don't forget to schedule your Finance Date Night for February! I'd love to hear what you think of these ideas. What do you do to discuss finances in your relationship? Leave a comment below!

Please share with your friends who are in serious relationships! This may be just the thing they need to help change the __ around financial planning in their relationship.

I have several Facebook videos with helpful tips for couples to discuss money. Are you a member of my private Personal Finance Warrior Community? Click here to join.

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