Hey Finance Warrior!


Back in October, I attended a live event for Jean Chatzky's podcast on a rainy, stormy Saturday night. For me, it was like seeing a rock star in person! Name your favorite singer – Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood. That's the enthusiasm I was feeling that night!


I have always looked up to Jean as a key leader in the finance industry, with her 30+ years of personal finance experience as the Today Show Finance Editor and Editor of Money Magazine.


Fast forward to today, I am excited to share details about the launch of her new personal finance book:



The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful

(and yes, Rich) Life You Deserve


Let's just call it: Women With Money.


That is you ladies – my Finance Warriors – Women WITH Money!


Jean's recent podcast highlights the key takeaways from the book. I am sharing the podcast as it has many important nuggets of personal finance info. I also enjoyed hearing WHY Jean decided it was so important to write this book and the key points she highlights.


My favorite is when the host Kelly asks Jean: How do women OWN being an Investor?


It was like she was speaking to my HEART!  


“Talking about money is infectious…and cathartic…and makes you feel more confident.”


I love when Jean talks about the power of women TALKING ABOUT MONEY!


Some other highlights include:

  • Personal stories from Jean about her relationship with money
  • When she mentioned my favorite stat: women will control 2/3 of investments by 2030
  • When Jean's shared that her mom managed the money in her family (!)
  • When Jean really started “owning” it as an investor
  • Monthly Finance Date Nights (I use that term!)
  • The importance of Saving for your #1 Financial Goal
  • Plus lots of other stories, strategies & tips!


Her content sounds like music to my ears!


I wanted to share a fantastic resource for your personal finance journey from a woman I respect in the industry.


Here is the LINK to buy her book which includes lots of free BONUSES!


If you read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts in my Wealthy Warrior Women private Facebook group. Have you joined yet? There are daily posts, articles, videos & training.


My goal is to provide valuable resources for YOU to invest & step into your financial power!



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