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Yesterday I was on a call with a client who was fighting back tears. She couldn't believe that since Jan. she had increased her credit card spending by $6,000!


Back in January, when we had our review, she had opened a 0% credit card to transfer her existing credit card debt of $15,000. She saved hundreds of dollars on fees. We then created a plan for her to get out of debt by the end of this year. She was embarrassed to share her overspending and felt shame.

Have you ever felt embarrassed and shame about your spending? Are there times when you want to bury your head in the sand, rather than truly assess your money situation? Do you lack confidence in the way you’re managing money?

Well ladies, life can happen and we can overspend. We may mess up our budgets. We may add to our debt. We may delay our financial plan. As much as we want to hide, we need to TAKE ACTION when a situation like this arises. Sometimes we need support. I am so glad my client faced her shame and reached out to me.

We talked about where the money was going – expensive dinners, weekend getaways, and daily Lyft rides to work instead of the bus. She realized that she was not focused on her priority – getting out of debt. More importantly, she was reminded of her #1 financial goal of saving for a downpayment for her very own condo.

Are you overspending? Are you ignoring your financial situation and burying your head?

Then, let's talk.

I am offering complimentary 15-min call so you can TAKE ACTION. You may not think 15 mins can make a difference. How does a clear action step and clarity on your #1 financial goal sound?

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