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I wanted to share an exciting interview with you today!


Chicago has a special place in my heart – not only because of deep dish pizza, the second oldest baseball park Wrigley Field and beautiful Lake Michigan – but also because I lived there for two years while I studied for my MBA at Chicago Booth.   


This month, I was featured as an Alumni Spotlight for Chicago Booth. I had the pleasure of chatting about all things personal finance, entrepreneurship, and how my experiences at Booth have influenced my career.


It was during the financial crisis that I decided I wanted to dig deeper into my financial education and undertake an MBA. I wanted to learn from experts on the crisis so I could understand how it happened, and learn how we can prevent it from happening again.


I had the pleasure to learn from world-renowned professors conducting cutting-edge research on finance. I acquired so much valuable knowledge that I now share with my audience – in my content, live workshops and my online course.  


I also have the honor of serving on the Alumni Board for the University of Chicago representing the Booth School of Business. I enjoy traveling to Chicago twice a year to attend Board meetings.


Read the interview here


Continuing your financial education is so so important. While you might not be considering an MBA in Finance, any way you choose to learn more about your finances is incredibly valuable. Whether it includes reading my content, attending workshops, or joining an online course, I am so proud of all the women taking action to improve their financial literacy!


As always, thank you for being a Personal Finance Warrior!

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