Kelly Gushue


Hey Finance Warrior!


Ellevate, the world's largest professional women's network, with 95,000 members, has selected its Playbook of Personal Finance Experts. I wanted to share some exciting news with you!


I am an active member of Ellevate and was invited to host a Jam Session early in the year, called 8 Ways To Create Financial Freedom in 2018. Jam sessions are 30-60 minute online webinars led by experts in the Ellevate community.


More than 250 women joined that Jam Session and I'm excited to announce I recently learned it was selected to be featured in Ellevate's Personal Finance Playbook!


Check out the Playbook here.


Ellevate Playbooks are curated resources to help community members accomplish specific goals, packed with valuable resources like blog posts, podcasts, and webinars. It's an honor to have been selected and featured among other incredible women doing amazing work in the finance community.


In addition to my Jam Session with Ellevate, I hosted this same webinar for my audience. How many of you joined?


I wanted to share the good news, and share a fantastic resource with you all…as well as encourage you to join some of my upcoming online events.

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