Are you being paid enough?

I love when I take the bus in the morning and see people streaming the Today Show.
How many of you watch the Today Show with Hoda Kotb?


Audience members have fallen in love with Hoda as she has shared her breast cancer journey, celebrated two adoptions and was selected for the coveted role as co-host of the Today Show.


I read an article that Hoda was earning $7-8 million per year as co-host. The question that came to my mind was: Is Hoda Kotb being paid her value? She is a woman, an Egyptian American, and an internal hire. I wondered to myself…Is she part of the statistic of underearning women? Her pay seemed low relative to other co-host roles.   


So knowing me, I put on my Financial detective hat and did some digging. I wanted to see how her pay compared with some other Today Show hosts.

Hoda Kotb's Pay Compared To Other Hosts

I started off by looking into Katie Couric. Katie Couric started as co-host for the Today Show in 1991 and by the late 1990’s was earning between $7-10 million per year. In 2001, when Katie's contract was up for renewal, she became the highest-paid journalist with her 5-year $60 million contract, or $15 million per year. This was almost 20 years ago!


In 2018, Hoda replaced Matt Lauer, who had been co-host of the Today Show for 20 years. He was making $20-25 million each year. The network clearly saved some money when going with the internal hire of Hoda Kotb!


Previously, Hoda had been the co-host for the fourth hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford for the last 10 years. She sometimes filled in for Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie as co-host for the Today Show.


If we consider an external candidate at a different network, Megyn Kelly was recruited by NBC away from Fox Networks for a whopping $15-20 million per year.


If Hoda was at an external network, and she needed to be recruited to NBC, would her compensation be closer to the $15-20 million range? That would be double her current pay!

Staying Mindful As An Internal Hire

In your current role, are you being paid your fair value? Are you an internal hire that has been promoted continuously? Have there been external hires that may be making more than your for a similar role?


It’s up to you to ask these questions, do the research and find out.


In my 5-Step to Negotiate Past No Framework, Step 2 is to understand the market level pay for your role.


In my Top 10 Warrior Rules, #5 is to talk about compensation with your peers.

Do you need to take action to determine if you are getting paid your fair value?


Do you think Hoda Kotb is getting paid her fair value for her role as the co-host of the Today Show, the top-ranked morning show?


Comment below and let me know!


This is a similar question with the US Women’s Soccer Team. Are the US Women getting paid fairly (salary, bonuses) when they are the top winning women’s team in the world? Indeed, the World Cup pool of money for Men is larger. Does the men’s pool need to be 13x larger? ($30 million payout for women, $400 million for men.)


The question about whether you are getting paid your fair value is a question I want you to continuously ask yourself.


With mid-year reviews happening this summer, now is the time to take action about your role and pay!

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