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With warrior in my company name, I get to embrace the popularity of Wonder Woman, the trained warrior from the Amazons. When I was growing up, I knew Wonder Woman from the tv show with Lynda Carter as a female superhero with magic bracelets that deflected harm. The warrior name of my company came to me last year in a dream.

The name warrior perhaps came to mind based on my role in financial markets. Financial markets can be unpredictable, and some might even call it a battlefield. In 2016, financial markets plummeted 10% in January, Brexit unexpectedly occurred in June and rattled financial markets around the world, and interest rates reversed during the year when markets were anticipating rising rates. Arguably the largest shock occurred in November when Trump was elected as the US President. I have been working in financial markets for more than 15 years, and admittedly, this is a battlefield I enjoy.

I also had a compelling idea on my mind. I was working as the only female on a team of eight men and advising male clients on how to improve the returns on their portfolios. Meanwhile, women had few resources to educate them about their portfolios unless they already had a significant amount of assets. I kept looking around for someone else to step up and provide this training. Was I ready to rise to the occasion and take action?

When the term Warrior came to me, I looked it up. It meant courage and mastery of skills. That meaning resonated with me. Personal finance requires both of these, especially the development and mastery of skills. In Wonder Woman, Diana the young girl diligently learns the warrior skills. I have been developing my warrior skills in finance for more than 15 years. Personal finance may also involve fear. Courage is taking action in the face of fear. I thus created my company tagline: Conquer Your Financial Fears.

For myself, I also needed to embrace courage to launch my own company.

Since I had worked in several countries, I wanted to ensure Warrior had meaning across cultures. In China, Hua Mulan is revered as a female warrior and was the base for the Disney movie Mulan. In India, Razia Sultana is celebrated for her skills as a warrior and later became a ruler. In Greek history, Athena the warrior goddess is one of the most famous. Indeed, the word warrior had global resonance with women.

Now, we have Wonder Woman.

With my experience as a Financial Advisor, I understood there was a gap in personal finance education. There are many financial decisions that impact women uniquely. I had to turn away potential female clients who did not have the qualifying assets, yet were seeking financial training to make better financial decisions. While there are plenty of websites and articles, personal finance often has unique factors for each individual and household. This is why I created my online Personal Finance Warrior training series.

I created the Top 10 Warrior Rules to demonstrate the personal finance skills that are critical for women to learn. This includes women understanding the financial power they already have, negotiating for salary and key assignments, planning for retirement and investing.

My online courses address all 10 Warrior Rules. Rule #1 is most important as women need to take responsibility for all areas of personal finance. This involves the courage – and willingness – to climb a learning curve including budgeting, retirement planning, investing, debt management and wealth planning resources. I am here as an independent resource to help you navigate the finance landscape.

Are you ready to conquer your fears and become a Personal Finance Warrior? Check out my website for my next online workshop.

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