Do you hide behind an identity?

Most of us hide behind an identity…

Whether it is Mother…Supporter…Worker…Achiever.

Overcome Your Fear of Finances

I have to admit, I have been hiding behind an Achiever Identity.

Excelling in every area of my life…well, the pursuit of it…and honestly, it has been exhausting!

It was running me…I didn't even realize it until I took this Leadership program I am finishing next week.

I have been less consistent over the last couple of months as this Leadership program has challenged me. It has challenged my views. It has challenged my way of being.

Importantly, it has expanded my vision. It has made me reflect on HOW I want to show up with YOU. Now I'm more clear…

Instead of Kelly the Achiever, I am Kelly – in my heart – standing for YOU and what is important in your life. Standing for YOU to take control of your finances so YOU can get to the next level in YOUR life.

It's time to overcome your fear of finances.

Each week I interact with women who share stories about how they unwittingly give their financial power away…at home, at work, with their family, at the mechanic, at the car dealership…

I am a stand for you.

Each week I also hear from women who are taking control of their finances, making important financial decisions, asking for more money and learning to make their money work for them.

I am a stand for you.

I want to share that I am here for each of YOU as a stand for you. To help you overcome your fear of finances.To CLAIM YOUR FINANCIAL POWER…however it looks for YOU. Whether your finances are all over the place, somewhat organized, messy, stable, growing – wherever you are.

My goal is to provide valuable resources for you to claim your financial power in various areas of your life. I offer training at different levels to match women where you are….and where you want to go.

Let’s have fun, face our fears and transform our finances together!

Who wants to become a Personal Finance Warrior? Leave a comment below if you are on the path of a Personal Finance Warrior and if you have been hiding behind an identity that has been holding you back.

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