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Hot New Money Resource: Women & Money Book by Jean Chatzky

Hey Finance Warrior!   Back in October, I attended a live event for Jean Chatzky's podcast on a rainy, stormy Saturday night. For me, it was like seeing a rock star in person! Name your favorite singer - Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood. That's the...

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4 Tips To Hold The Perfect Finance Date Night

  The data is clear - MONEY is the #1 reason why couples fight...and divorce.   But what about if talking about MONEY became your SUPERPOWER?!   What if you learned this skill and protected your relationship from the #1 Risk?   I want you to practice talking about...

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Kelly Gushue: Featured in Chicago Booth Alumni Spotlight

  Hey Finance Warrior,   I wanted to share an exciting interview with you today!   Chicago has a special place in my heart - not only because of deep dish pizza, the second oldest baseball park Wrigley Field and beautiful Lake Michigan - but also because I lived there...

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The Shocking Conversation About Money I Had This Week

  Hey Finance Warrior!   Recently I attended a fantastic event hosted by Ellevate Network – the Future of Fashion. The panel featured a designer, two retail executives, a representative from an online platform that aggregates luxury brands (yes consumers buy 10 items...

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Will You Talk About Money This Thanksgiving?

  Hey Finance Warrior!   Thank you for being such an incredible audience! What a year it has been so far! Let me first celebrate with you some of the ways we may have met: Money Mastery Expert Interview Series in June 5-Day Money Challenge: Mind Your Cents in October...

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Where were the women during the financial crisis?

  Tomorrow marks 10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the largest bankruptcy filing in history.   This week, I celebrated Sallie Krawcheck on Warrior Wednesday. Currently the CEO of Ellevest, she was my boss during the Financial Crisis. She ran my division...

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