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Where were the women during the financial crisis?

  Tomorrow marks 10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the largest bankruptcy filing in history.   This week, I celebrated Sallie Krawcheck on Warrior Wednesday. Currently the CEO of Ellevest, she was my boss during the Financial Crisis. She ran my division...

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Do you know much you’ve spent to attend a wedding?

  Do you know how much you’ve spent to attend a wedding?   It’s August, and we’re right in the middle of wedding season.   I recently learned that the average amount that a person spends on a wedding is $628.   Most people get invited to between 4-6 weddings per year....

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The Cost of Motherhood

  Today I want to to discuss a topic that rarely gets talked about but has a huge impact on women’s income potential - the cost of motherhood.   When I was completing my MBA at Chicago Booth, I took part in a women's group that regularly held Lunch and Learns. We held...

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The Top 5 Reasons You're Avoiding Your Finances

Hey Finance Warriors!   Do you have fear around money?   Throughout my time creating the Money Mastermind Expert Interview Series, I’ve realized that this theme comes up time and time again.   I created the Money Mastermind Interviews based on my experience in...

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5 Money Habits for She-Bosses to Explode Your Business

Abby Wambach, the legendary US professional soccer player with a 15-year career, admitted that she didn’t claim her financial power as a professional athlete. She was focused on winning World Cup titles and Olympic gold medals rather than making money in her business...

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Are You Like Little Red Riding Hood?

Have you seen Abby Wambach’s commencement speech? Abby Wambach was part of the legendary women’s US soccer team, winner of 2 World Cups, most recently in 2015. She’s won three gold medals and is the team’s all-time highest goal scorer. She’s the definition of a...

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Is This Happening With Your Spending?

Yesterday I was on a call with a client who was fighting back tears. She couldn't believe that since Jan. she had increased her credit card spending by $6,000! $6,000! Back in January, when we had our review, she had opened a 0% credit card to transfer her existing...

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The Shift Network’s First Ever Women’s Money Summit

Have you paused and asked yourself: How does MONEY make me feel? Does thinking about finances stir feelings of struggle or regret? Or shame that you’re not earning what you want to? Do you feel anxious because you don’t know what you think you should know — or even...

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