Warrior Workshop


  • Organize your investment accounts
  • Understand your portfolio
  • Create a Budget
  • Understand your 401k options
  • Negotiate your salary


In just eight short weeks, will you learn to transform your finances, develop new skills and enjoy taking action in key personal financial areas that will make a difference in your life and long-term wealth.

Are your finances in disarray? Are you scared of managing your investments? Are you looking for a trusted guide?

It is time to claim your financial power and become a Personal Finance Warrior! Do you want to take action on your finances and make better financial decisions?

  • Are you looking for a framework to better manage your personal finances?
  • Want to organize your accounts in different places?
  • Want to consolidate your 401ks in different places?
  • Want to become the Queen of asset allocation?
  • Want to understand the financial implications of taking time off for children?
  • Wait – Do you want to have fun too?


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