Women's Money Summit

Have you paused and asked yourself: How does MONEY make me feel?

Does thinking about finances stir feelings of struggle or regret? Or shame that you’re not earning what you want to?

Do you feel anxious because you don’t know what you think you should know — or even who to ask your most pressing questions?

Or does money make you feel confident and free… empowered to live your life more fully… in alignment with your values, goals, and purpose?

Most women fall into one of two categories:

  1. You have the money you want and want to learn how to do more with your money…or
  2. You don’t have the money you want and you want to learn how to find your financial power

Either way, you can can transform your relationship with money — AND your financial situation — by changing your attitudes, energy, and behaviors around “wealth.” Along the way, you’ll also need to acquire vital tools for generating wealth, stewarding your resources, planning your giving, launching your business or charity, and more.

That’s why I’m SO excited and truly honored to be participating in The Shift Network’s first-ever Women’s Money Summit — May 22-24, 2018 — where you’ll discover powerful women who are on fire with possibility and purpose… women who will guide you with our hard-earned wisdom, and who will support your personal journey to find your FINANCIAL POWER!

I’m honored to be among 16 experts featured at the Women's Money Summit — including Lynne Twist, Vicki Robin, Dr. Cozette White, Dame DC Cordova, Kate Levinson, Hazel Henderson, Patricia Stallworth, Carol Look and many others — bringing you deep wisdom and practical tools for transforming your financial life forever.  

During this groundbreaking 3-day event, you’ll discover how to:

  • Move out of your fear of scarcity around money and embrace the attitude that what you have is sufficient & sustainable
  • Use your finances to help you manifest your life purpose into reality
  • Realize financial freedom by overcoming issues that are preventing you from growing in abundance
  • Become more discerning about where you choose to focus your consumption
  • Simple practices to shift your experience around your possessions, so they serve you rather than run you
  • Understand and conquer your fear of success… so you can stop procrastinating & start shining!
  • Weave a commitment to generosity into your personal finance or business plan

Join the Women's Money Summit to learn from an incredible lineup of compassionate leaders — women who are illuminating the path for you as you heal money wounds, thrive abundantly, and manifest your highest potential!

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