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Recently I attended a fantastic event hosted by Ellevate Network – the Future of Fashion. The panel featured a designer, two retail executives, a representative from an online platform that aggregates luxury brands (yes consumers buy 10 items and return 7 of them!) and a representative from a premium brand (yes metallic is in!).


I am launching a Podcast in 2019 (with your support for my Crowdfunding Campaign – every $10 matters!) and asked one of the panelists if I could interview her next year. She then shared a money story about one of her good friends.


I love when people share money stories with me. It is often after an event when someone says hello and it is just us, 1:1. The privacy factor plays a role as people want to feel safe sharing.


Her good friend, a fellow MBA graduate, recently divorced and had no idea where the investment accounts were. NO IDEA. The divorce was a bit of a surprise – and turned into a messy one – so she did not know where all of the accounts were.


The panelist then shared that she didn’t know where all of her family's investment accounts are either. Her husband, also an MBA graduate, manages those accounts. She admitted that her friend's divorce was a wake-up call.


Rule #9 in my Top 10 Warrior Rules: Know Where All the Investment Accounts Are



Many women – often married over five years – say Rule #9 needs to be further up on the Top 10 List. Marriage happens, then kids, you add more accounts, there’s a division of labor, you get busy, more time passes, and the busy cycle continues. All of a sudden you realize you have NO IDEA where all of the accounts are.


Does this sound like you?


If you don’t know where all of your accounts are, I want to you consider my 8-week training: Master Your Dollars to Create Financial Freedom. During the program, you can share money lessons with your spouse every week. Then the conversation about money with your spouse – where the accounts are, how you are spending money, what your financials goals are – shifts from a one-off conversation that gets brushed to the side into one that becomes a meaningful dialogue.


“It wasn’t until you wrote that money is the #1 reason people divorce that I realized I needed your course so I could talk more effectively about money.”

-Kate, 40, newly engaged, Tech Manager, MBA


I’m offering my signature 8-week course at a 50% discount as part of my CrowdFunding Campaign. Plus you get 1 private coaching session (60 mins) and my signed book. How about that for a deal?


Here is the link for iFund Women. Next course starts Jan. 22 to kick off 2019.


If you don’t know where your investment accounts are, please reach out and let me be a helpful resource. My mission is for women to take action on managing their personal finances, whether they are in a relationship or not.


Warrior Rule #1: I take responsibility for my money management whether I am in a relationship or not.

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