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They Want Us to Shut Up

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They want us to shut up. The news about the ousting of the Uber CEO is a game-changer for women. It is a reminder that women need to be BOLD and tell their story in order to create CHANGE, especially when people want them to “sit down and shut up” as Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, indicates.

Former Uber employee Susan Fowler HAD THE GUTS to publish an article about the ruthless culture at Uber, including sexism and sexual harassment. The media flurry led to a company-wide investigation. The CEO was ousted this week. The POWER of Susan's voice led to change.

Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment case at Fox that she knew would end her 20-year media career. She then INSPIRED dozens of women at Fox to share their similar experiences. An investigation was made that led to the ousting of her boss Roger Ailes and a $20 million settlement.

Carlson, a Stanford graduate, Rhodes Scholar and former Miss America, has taken on being an advocate for sexual harassment. Impressively, Gretchen is fighting regulation on employment arbitration. Arbitration is confidential and means foregoing a trial by jury. This policy limits victims of sexual harassment and other workplace violations from sharing info or talking to previous victims. Arbitration often allows employee issues to remain isolated rather than treated as a potential company-wide problem. Thank you Gretchen for sharing your VOICE and INSPIRING CHANGE.

Last year, the US Women's Soccer Team filed a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation for equal pay. Surprisingly the head of the Soccer Federation called it an “irrational request.” Why did they have to file a lawsuit rather than sit at the negotiating table? They wanted them to shut up.

The media tracked the story and 60 Minutes highlighted the fight against the Soccer Federation and EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). The result was change. Just 24 hours before the start of the 2017 season, the US Soccer Federation agreed on more equitable terms for the women's team.

I was shocked with the US Soccer team's situation. Instead of complaining to friends, I took action and wrote an article that was published by Ellevate Network.

Do you care about an issue? Do you have a problem to raise? They want us to shut up. Use your voice and inspire change.

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