Today, April 2nd is Equal Pay Day.


You may find yourself asking “Kelly, I have heard of Equal Pay Day. But what exactly is it?”


April 2 signifies the number of EXTRA DAYS women need to work in 2019 to make the same amount of money as men did in 2018.


While this number is certainly disheartening, we have the power to change this statistic!


In many reports about the gender pay gap, something that comes up, again and again, is that women do not negotiate as often, and as successfully as men.


Women are at a disadvantage, as they have often been taught since a young age to keep their head down, do a good job and not complain, and be grateful for what we have. We often fear “ruffling feathers” in the workplace or coming across as pushy or even too ambitious.


In my first job out of college, I didn't know I needed to negotiate and I found out the hard way. My male co-workers asked me about my bonus – and it was MUCH LOWER than their bonuses. They negotiated and asked for more money. I didn't.


In honor of Equal Pay Day, I wanted to highlight some key POWER women that have raised their standards, stood confident in their worth and negotiated like pros.



Ellen Pompeo, The Lead Actress of Prime Time’s multi-billion dollar franchise, Grey’s Anatomy made HISTORY with her negotiating skills. Thanks to her negotiating prowess she is now the highest paid actress making $20 million a year.


Here’s what Pompeo had to say about negotiating your value:


“Decide what you’re worth and then ask for what you think you’re worth. No one’s just going to give it to you.”




In 2017, the US Women’s soccer negotiated with the US Soccer Federation for more money and were refused. They then used one of the tactics I discuss in my Free Training – 5 Steps to Negotiate Past No. They were successful and set a standard for compensation for professional women's teams.


Here’s what defender, Becky Sauerbrunn had to say about the issue:


“Women shouldn’t go into negotiations thinking that they should just be happy with what’s given to them. If you feel like you’re owed more, then fight for it. Don’t be timid or feel like you cannot be aggressive. Men don’t worry about that when they are negotiating.”


These women are outstanding examples of how we can all stand in our worth, ask for more, and claim our financial power.


Last year, I helped several clients make 30% more money through strategic negotiation. What does 30% more money buy you? A 30% increase in a chance to upgrade your lifestyle. One client even bought a BMW!


In the finance industry, I needed to NEGOTIATE  EVERY YEAR and have learned various skills over the last 15+ years to support women. Do you want to learn them? If so, I recommend scheduling a complimentary “Win With Money” call. We can discuss my coaching programs and online courses, where a key module I teach my clients is “Negotiate Past No” – so they can learn to make MORE money even if they get a no as their first response.

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