Hey Finance Warrior!


Thank you for being such an incredible audience! What a year it has been so far! Let me first celebrate with you some of the ways we may have met:

  • Money Mastery Expert Interview Series in June
  • 5-Day Money Challenge: Mind Your Cents in October
  • Master Your Dollars 8-week course – now in session!
  • Multiple VIP Days
  • Private 1:1 coaching sessions


Thank you for engaging with your money, saving more money, managing your money and most importantly INVESTING YOUR MONEY!


For Thanksgiving, I want to give you a gift to support you on your personal finance journey.  


Will you talk about money this week?


I want to provide some helpful tips so that you WANT TO TALK about money when you are socializing. Wouldn't it be AMAZING to initiate a meaningful conversation with relatives and friends around money? If you start the conversation, you will be wowed at how people will open up.


Here are some talking points:

  • Markets have been up and down these recently. How are you invested in the market?
  • Do you have a retirement plan through your employer? How do you manage it?
  • I've been reading about personal finance and investing recently. What do you like to read? How do you keep up with the markets?
  • I have been focusing more time on learning about investing. How did you learn about investing?


If those questions sound a bit daunting, here's an easy starter: What book are you reading?


Some of the personal finance books I recommend in my course:


Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship With Money by Kate Levinson


Getting Financially Naked: How to Talk Money with Your Honey by Manisha Thakor


You see why I need to write my own book so I can recommend it, right?


This leads me to the money topic I will be talking about this week during Thanksgiving – my Crowdfunding Campaign! I would LOVE your support to help me spread my message to a much larger audience.


I will use the funds to write my first book, launch a Podcast (you know I will invite Manisha Thakor/Kate Levinson/Jean Chatkzy/Suze Orman/Sallie Krawcheck as speakers) and produce more videos.


Please support my Crowdfunding Campaign here with REWARDS at different levels. Every $25 counts!

  • $25 – Free video training
  • $50 – Signed copy of my books with your name in credits
  • $100 – Finance Warrior Starter Kit – access to site with podcasts/training & signed book
  • $250 – Coaching Session (60 mins) and rewards from above
  • $500 – Master Your Dollars 8-week online course + Rewards from above (yes private coaching session too!)


Check out the REWARDS for the Campaign here!


Ladies – Thank you for being Finance Warriors! It is an honor and privilege to encourage, guide & train you to TAKE ACTION on managing your personal finances so you can create financial freedom in all areas of your life. One dollar at a time.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you & your family!

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